Shark Cake (egg free dairy free gluten free food allergies)

Great White Sharks are scary but they would also be a great boy's birthday party theme.  This fearsome chocolate shark just happens to be a food allergy friendly shark.  I used my an easy marshmallow fondant with a dairy free frosting.  The entire cake is also free of the top 8 food allergens making it gluten free, egg free, dairy free and peanut free.  Don't let the teeth scare you.

Overnight Oats Chocolate Raspberry (gluten free Vegan dairy free)

Make a healthy breakfast the night before with easy overnight oats.  Just measure the oats, add milk maple syrup and some fruit.

Pizza Bombs (gluten free egg free and dairy free option)

Easy bite size mini pizzas filled with gooey cheese, pepperoni and vegetables.  A new favorite gluten free egg free appetizer.

Chocolate Chip Bagels (Egg Free Gluten Free Vegan)

Chocolate chip bagels are further proof that living without gluten or eggs can still be good.  Enjoy these warm a fresh from the oven with the dairy free and soy chocolate chips still melted and gooey.